Desk Top Publishing/Graphic Arts
Transperfect offers access to complete desktop publishing facilities and graphic arts services, which use Pagemaker, QuarkExpress and Framemaker, so that your translated materials can be typeset and formatted effectively if you so choose. Our affiliates provide a wide variety of printing options from the simplest to the most sophisticated full-color brochures.

provides the client with the translation on 3.5" floppy disks formatted in the program of choice, in finished printed and ready-to-distribute form, or by E-mail. Whatever the choice, quality of service is paramount.
Metric conversion is normally included.

Transperfect also offers its clients audio-visual services. We can adapt your video for foreign distribution through lip-synch or voice-over techniques. Your safety training films, product description videos, and company service training all perfectly accommodate to "dubbed-in" foreign languages. TransPerfect also translates scripts into foreign languages should your company be thinking of producing a new video.

We can provide translations for:

  • a wide range of brochures. specification sheets, operating, installation and repair manuals and advertising material
  • complete web page translations for individual clients and web page designers
  • specialized magazines, trade journals and bi-lingual technical articles
  • orientation information for hospital patient and prenatal care instructions
  • engineering and technical documents
  • safety training, handling, storage and disposal of agricultural chemicals and hazardous materials
  • company internal regulations, work norms and policy manuals
  • medical reports and legal documents
  • medical, dental, and hospital forms
  • insurance forms and claims
  • EPA, OSHA and other governmental codes, forms and regulations
  • business letters, FAX, documents and general correspondence
  • video scripts
  • pesticide and chemical labels

We can also supply our clients with all of the information that is required for food labels from almost any country in the world. This is very important for people who need to export. We keep this information on CD to quickly and accurately generate label information for our clients.

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