Managing Director Betty Rothberg is a university-trained linguistics expert with over twenty years in the translation and interpreting field. She is the author of two books, many articles and is also involved in language training in public schools. Mrs. Rothberg served as the coordinator of translations for the Project Hope ship in Brazil, 1970.

Mrs. Rothberg received the "Latinas Beyond Boundaries Award" from the Central California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce for her positive contributions to her profession and community. Through translation, Betty has reached the lives of countless people. Small ceramic shops in South America continue to grow with the help of support materials showing them how to work with the products. Spanish speaking families in Central California afflicted by AIDS have a resource guide in their own language; farmers in Mexico, Honduras, Argentina and Chile have information on how to set up and care for pumps that transport water to their farms.
Congratulations Betty!

International Staff

Our experienced, university-trained staff members are native speakers with professional backgrounds. They are sensitive to providing linguistically correct terminology and the most meaningful phrasing in the targeted language.
Staff members are also located in Buenos Aires Argentina, and Lisbon Portugal. Associated translators are located throughout Europe.

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Fax: (559) 298-8996
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